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COCONUT, stain removal soap

COCONUT, stain removal soap


Removes stains from your clothes, tablecloths and other fabrics.

It's time to bring out your fabric items ruined by stubborn stains.

All you have to do to remove stains is soak the fibre in clean water, apply Special Soap and scrub to remove grease, grass, fruit, wine, chocolate, blood and other stains.

The ultimate stain remover. Your clothes will never have been so clean with this stain remover soap!

Natural soap based on a traditional recipe. Zero Waste.

Not only is this bar great to use at home, its versatile enough to even take on a camping trip.

The soap comes in different shapes. Please, let us know if you wish to have a specific shape.

Ingrediente: coconut oil saponificated, distilled water.

Size: 90g + - 10g

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